Go Digital With Our Digital Smile Revolution

August 15, 2018

In this 21st century, dental experts have introduced various methods to enhance the dentistry experience and provide quality results. So, German Dental Clinic located at the Jumeirah Lake Towers has come up with a new strategy where they have introduced a means through which you can see your results even before the treatment. A smile is an infectious characteristic which could improve your personality and bring an oomph to it.

German Dental has brought another dimension to Cosmetic surgery procedures in Dubai which include teeth whitening, dental implants, veneers, and inlays or onlays. The most fascinating aspect of this procedure is that unlike traditional treatments where the dentist takes the lead and makes the changes, in here you will be your own artist.

This procedure can certainly provide an overall personal orchestration. The precision, results, and safety measures are much more when compared to traditional means as our dentists at German Dental believe that it is time to give people the liberty to share their input which could be adhered during the treatment.

The Digital Smile Design is a meticulous procedure which is broken down into two separate phases that are both equally important. If you are planning to get this treatment, this article could briefly explain the different phases that are involved. As you make an appointment with our specialist, they will have a detailed session with you where you could share your worries and results that you are expecting through this process.

For instance, you can probably discuss the length of the teeth or the way you wish your teeth to be aligned. Our experts will look into different options before the desired one is chosen. Once you have decided the treatment you wish to take, our doctors will make an impression of your teeth and then discuss the major aspects of the treatment.

All these little elements play a vital role as we aim to provide perfect results. Hence, we will take pictures every phase so that you are aware of what procedure is being done. These pictures can serve as a way of seeing the changes before and after the treatment.

Additionally, our experts will carry out numerous tweaks that will be done on the digital screen so that our patients can see the results pre-hand. This is done with the aid of an optimum CAD/CAM system which allows the patients to visualise the results even before the surgery is done. In this way, you will have an idea of what to anticipate.

Even though this system is almost a decade old, not many are aware of this system. Hence, trying to digitise the dental industry, German Dental hopes to bring changes to the system and give the patients what they always desire at the end of a treatment.

We aim to be one of the best dental clinics in Dubai and provide an array of services specialised both in dental and cosmetic surgery. For more information on our services, book an appointment with us as our specialists guide you to make the most infectious smile!