Get Ready To Design Your Smile With Digital Smile

March 5, 2019

Digital Smile Design has been around for around a decade and has remained as one of the most favoured technique by a lot of happy customers around the world. Top dentists in Dubai have also made a lot of smiles better and lives easier with their quality services using the digital smile design technology.

The technology boasts of its ability to study and understand the relationship between a patient’s teeth, jaws, gums and lips to determine the best smile that suits their facial features and gestures. Digital smile design is offered at the dental clinic in JLT and is a popular service all around the year.

So why do people choose a digital smile design? Let us find out-

Why Digital Smile Design

Most people wish to have a great smile. This wish doesn’t end at having healthy teeth. People opt for digital smile design because they want a smile that is tailor-made to suit their face. Top dentists in Dubai work with their patients to help them choose their perfect set of pearly whiles before going in for getting it done.

Prior to digital smile design, patients had to be satisfied with 3D mouth models which didn’t exactly show how the restored teeth would look in the mouth and suit the face. With the digital smile technology, patients can view a digitally constructed visual of their expected results with the help of CAD/CAM system before undergoing the procedure. Studies show that the digital smile design process reduces the number of dental appointments by bringing them down by 20 to 30%.

Digital Smile Designing Process

  • Initial consultation and assessment

On your first visit to the dental clinic in JLT, your dentist will take photographs, x-rays and impressions of your teeth and oral cavity. Footages of the mouth while you talk, smile and laugh are also recorded to understand the symmetry of your face. Your dental concerns including broken teeth, discolouration…etc. are also noted.

  • Treatment planning

After obtaining digital visuals of your teeth and oral cavity, the dentists design a smile based on the facial features, correcting your dental issues. The treatment plan designed for you will ensure a beautiful smile as well as a healthy functioning mouth.

  • Digital Preview

On your next visit, you will be offered a preview of your new smile. You will also be briefed on the various treatments that need to be done on your teeth to get the expected results. As digital smile design allows the patients to involve in the design process, you will be able to make final alterations including tooth colour and shape.

  • Treatment procedures

The actual treatment procedures involve various cosmetic as well as other corrective dental procedures including veneers, inlay, overlays, crowns and whitening procedures as necessary. The final result will match with the digital model designed by your dentist. Your smile will be just like what you envisioned post procedure.

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