Get That Smile You Deserve With Digital Smile Design

March 26, 2019

Nowadays, everyone wants a naturally beautiful smile that is in harmony with their face and physical characteristics. People want a smile that is in sync with their personality and not just biological and functional. This is where Digital Smile Design’s smile makeover benefits come into play. Top dentists in Dubai recommend a Digital Smile Design procedure to get the perfect smile, customized according to your individual needs and desires.


Unlike other dental procedures, digital smile design expects and involves patients in the design process. Like everything in the 21st century, the new smile design is also technology oriented, making it easier to tweak and affect the changes on the go before the actual treatment starts.


What is Digital Smile Design?

A Digital Smile Design is a revolutionary procedure in cosmetic dentistry. It is a combination of all other cosmetic dentistry procedures which includes the veneers, teeth whitening. inlays/overlays and dental implants. Here, the patient is given the choice of choosing the procedures to get the best results. It has a greater personal touch and is a meticulous treatment procedure and help in achieving the best smile as a result.


The concept of Digital Smile Design is based on finding a smile that is in harmony with the facial features of the patient. The dental proportions are determined by using a series of high-quality digital photographs and videos, which help in understanding the relationship between the teeth, gums, lips and the smile along with the facial features when it changes with motion and emotion.


The procedure

The Digital Smile Design Procedure can be explained in 3 number of steps.



  • Initial Consultation


During the initial consultation, your dentist in Dubai will sit down with you to discuss all your options in length. He or she will understand your needs and desires regarding your new smile. They will take an impression of your teeth as well as several photos and videos of your teeth and smile as well as your face to analyse them prior to designing.

Using CAD/CAM systems, the dental specialists design the best smile suited for your face. They will make a viewable prototype which can help you have a glimpse of your future smile.


  • Follow Up Appointment


During the followup appointment, you will be able to see your prototype and how it will work with your face to give the perfect smile you wanted. If you wish to make any changes, this is the time to speak about it. Once you are happy with your design, your dentist will walk you through the whole treatment plan and costs so that you can voice your concerns and make any changes.



  • The Smile Makeover


During the actual procedure, the dental specialists will work to restore your teeth, make necessary tweaks to your dentures and proceed to give you the smile as discussed and designed. Once the procedures are done over a few appointments, you will be able to flaunt your new smile and walk with confidence as you always dreamed of.


So, interested in the Digital Smile Design for your smile makeover. Consult with the top dentists in Dubai to learn more.