Digital Smile Design: How You Can Recreate Your Smile From Scratch

July 2, 2020

Here are many reasons people feel self-conscious about their smiles, some of which include injury or illness, causing them to feel self-conscious about their smile. Dental restorative services help provide the best solution to put the sparkle back in your smile. These services have always relied on advanced technology, whether it is to improve communication and quality of care or integration of diagnosis from individualized data sets to fix crooked or missing teeth, gaps, or discoloration.

Digital Smile Design (DSD), specifically, is a revolutionary yet systematic approach that combines cosmetic dentistry with effective dental treatment planning to help you visualize and achieve the perfect smile. In many cases, when patients are discussing treatment plans with their dental technicians, their wishes and desires get lost in translation, amongst other medical details.

However, with DSD, you are the designer and planner of your dream smile while your highly skilled dentist is the facilitator who ensures that all necessary DSD protocols are met.


During your initial consultation, high tech and state-of-the-art equipment will be used to take photographs, impressions, and x-rays of your facial and dental proportions, including videos to record the movement and symmetry of your speech and smile.

Diagnostic and Planning

Equipped with the necessary information about your dental issues and requirements, a team of dental specialists will then be able to use the images and details to analyze and derive the most natural connection between your teeth, gums, lips, and smile. Thesebespoke dental proceduresvary from person to person, so where one can be required to have dental braces fitted, another can be recommended as implant surgery as an effective method. Throughout the process, you are in the driver’s seat and your feedback and approval will be paramount in finalizing the 3D model and mock-up images before the physical model is sent for completion in the lab.

Preparation and Implementation

Only when you are completely satisfied with the way the model feels and looks in your mouth will your technician move forward to begin the rest of the restoration process. The next stage will involve the dental team preparing all the teeth and taking a final scan, which is sent to the Digital Smile Design lab. In the final appointment, any fragments or damaged teeth will be removed, and the approved computer-generated solutions will be bonded permanently in the form of implants or veneers onto your teeth. Each tooth will be individually serviced to ensure accurate placement, and your smile makeover session will conclude with a polishing treatment, so your teeth are clean and bright. Before you leave the dental clinic, the function and aesthetic aspects will be given a final run to complete any final adjustments.

Following a scrupulous dental regime, including brushing your teeth daily and visiting the dentist regularly is integral to maintainingyour perfect smile. Dental Smile Design is a revolutionary dental tool that combines functional and aesthetic dentistry to create an innovative method that will not only improve your teeth but restore confidence in your smile.