Digital Smile Design: The 3D Technology That Is Changing The Face Of Dentistry

January 23, 2021

Smiling with confidence has proven to affect all aspects of life, and people often use cosmetic dentistry to enhance their appearance with improved oral health. Digital smile design comes here as it is on the top list of magical dental makeovers to people. The process benefits people with lost teeth due to injuries or severe decays and aid in bringing back their smile to its original form.  The 3D technology used here enables us to visualize the outcome even before starting the treatments. Let’s dive into further research on digital smile design and how 3D technology has affected the face of dentistry.

What Is Digital Smile Design?

Digital Smile Design (DSD) is a unique tool used to plan dental treatments for enhanced output. The process is entirely based on a thorough analysis of the patient’s dental and facial proportions. Photography and videography with temporary mock-ups allow a better understanding of the relationship between lips, gums, and teeth.

The advanced tool is also able to predict emotional needs and how they would react in certain situations. All these factors are taken into account with the help of DSD before creating beautiful smiles for patients.

DSD supports the evaluation, diagnostic planning, implementation, and treatment process of each individual, making a highly customizable personalized plan to treat each person.  The procedure is entirely patient-centric and allows patients to give direct feedback on what they want to achieve.

The Process Combined With 3D Technology

Initially, a form of still photos and videos will be taken to create a realistic picture of the patient’s features, including gums, lips, and teeth. The videography is mainly involved in examining the changing features of the patient while talking or chewing as they are crucial in the final prototype.

Once the data is collected, it will be fed into a system, and it will start to generate the most suitable process for the patient after checking with a comprehensive library with numerous shapes and forms.  This digitally generated model will be printed in a 3D format to create a physical resin model that can be fitted into the patient’s mouth.

Photos and videos will be taken from different angles to provide the patients with a clear picture of the outcome. This smile process plan will be further discussed with dentists, including the necessary adjustments, and will be finalized accordingly.

Benefits Of DSD Technology

The most popular feature of DSD is the ability to see the end result or the outcome of your smile before even starting the process.  The highly customizable and personalized plan allows the patients to decide on their smiles and what they actually need in the makeover.

The fast process cuts downtime and makes fewer visits to the dental clinic from start to the end. The cloud data storage enables it to be easy and quick for the team members who work on your smile process.

You will achieve high-quality, aesthetically pleasing, and functioning results while enabling you to reflect your unique nature and personality.

The aesthetic benefits of digital smile design are life-changing and will increase your self-esteem and confidence drastically. The process will also help functionally in food digestion and with improved speech. If you are suffering from severe dental issues, DSD will help resolve all your problems in a few days. Visit us at the Dubai German Dental Clinic for your dental makeover and get yourself benefited from a new smile that reflects your personality with enhanced beauty.