Drill Away Your Tooth Decay With Effective Root Canal Treatment

Tooth decays can prove to be quite a painful phase that must be treated in the primary stage to ensure complete recovery. However, how would you that you might require a root canal treatment. In the hope to create awareness on this intricate process, this blog will give you through an understanding of this type of teeth decay.


Generally, a root canal treatment is done in order to repair and save a tooth that can undergo extensive damage and decay. When your tooth gets infections, the nerve and the pulp of the teeth are removed and the inside of your tooth is cleaned and completely sealed. With the aid of this treatment, the tissues that are surrounding the tooth will become completely infections and several abscesses may form.


Root canal is a term that is used to describe the natural cavity that is placed within the center of the tooth. The pulp or the pulp chamber is soft in nature that is present within the root canal. Generally, the tooth’s nerves are present inside the root canal.


Basically, once your permanent teeth are completely formed, the tooth’s nerve is not very important to a tooth’s health and its regular functionalities. The only function of the tooth nerve is sensory, i.e. to provide sensitivity when you eat something hot or cold. However, the presence or absence will not affect the tooth’s basic functionalities.

So, you might wonder why does the tooth pulp need to be removed. This is because when a tooth’s nerve is damaged or infection by bacterial or viruses due to ineffective brushing or flossing, the microorganisms will quickly multiply within the pulp’s chamber. Gradually, the bacteria and other decayed debris will tend to cause an infection that may lead to tooth loss.

What are the major symptoms that indicate the need for root canal treatment?

Firstly, you must understand that not all kinds of teeth pain or infection is the cause for a root canal. Before you go forward with the treatment, it is extremely important to get in checked and examined from a professional dentist. During this phase, you might encounter serious teeth pain while eating and when you put pressure in that area.


Secondly, you will have extra sensitive tooth when you consume something very hot or cold which might not be the case in a normal tooth. Sometimes, there is a formation of a small, pimple like bump on the gums or near the area where you feel the pain. In advanced cases, the teeth might also turn black and feel tenderness or swelling in the gums.

Steps and procedure of root canal treatment

This is a multi-step dental procedure that requires the removal of the infected tooth pulp from the tooth and sealing it so as to prevent it from further damage. The first step would be setting up the scene where the dentist will take an x-ray to determine the extent of the infection. This will be followed by a numbing process and a sealing process. This is quite an intricate procedure that will be performed with absolute precision. The last step would be the closing up process where the teeth will be permanently sealed.


So, if you feel like you could be a victim of this, consult a professional and an experienced dentist.

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