Set Things Straight - Things to Know About Maxillofacial Surgery

Not everyone is born looking the same way. Each and everyone is different in one way or another. Sometimes these differences are considered good and at other times, they are not taken so well. When children are born with a variation in their facial structure, they often grow up facing many physical and emotional troubles.


Maxillofacial surgery is for such individuals who have deformities of the jaw either born with or acquired as a result of an accident or a disease. Deformities in the craniomaxillofacial complex can be more troublesome than their physical manifestation. Such deformities can cause issues such as a headache, pain in the neck and pain in the back.


The maxillofacial surgery is done for correcting the deformities of the face, primarily the jaw, and any adjacent areas like head, neck and many other soft and hard tissues in the facial region. As it is a surgery of high importance, it is considered one of the nine recognized surgical dentistry specialties. A maxillofacial surgeon can work on parts of the mouth and the surrounding areas, operating on different types of nerves running around the face. The surgery needs a great amount of precision for a successful outcome.

The surgery enables removing any type of deformity left on one’s face as a birth defect. It is also used to treat facial defects due to accidents, diseases an even the effects or oral cancer. The surgery helps in bringing back the shape of the face, jaw and the mouth in such patients, bringing much change in their lives. Maxillofacial surgeons also deal with the removal of severely damaged wisdom teeth. The procedure is commonly used for correcting the jaw deformities and overbites and also used in cosmetic facial surgeries.


The surgery is a proven method to help patients who suffered from cancer or tumor of the facial region. As the surgery allows the removal of damaged tissues and rebuilds new tissues, it literally changes the lives of cancer patients.


Maxillofacial surgery offers the patients a chance to lead a dignified life with a normal looking face. As the surgery can cure both small and complicated facial issues, it leaves everyone feeling happy. It is often quoted that face is the identity of a person and any damage or deformity to it affects the individual badly, changing his or her whole personality.


The jaw correction surgery is one of the simpler maxillofacial surgery, which we now have at the dental clinic in Dubai. Orthodontists work closely with the maxillofacial surgeons to plan the treatment procedure for their patients.


The surgery is performed under only under anesthesia, where the surgeon separates the patient’s top and bottom jaws by making incisions in the mouth and cut into the jaw bones. Once the position is corrected, it is usually wired or screwed to place.


With expert dentists and maxillofacial surgeons in Dubai to help you look, feel and smile better, now all you have to do is make an appointment to change your life.

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